I was recently beaten by some members of the military, for disagreeing with them, can I file a lawsuit?

I was at the bar, having a beer, the tv was on, they were reporting a mass shooting. I simply stated I bet the guy is ex military. Then some soldiers there kept picking me up and slamming me into the wall until I lost conscious , all the time they were laughing at me.

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Same tired trolling year after year. Do you ever get tired of being predictable?

Good I hope they went to town on you

If this is true which l doubt you got your just desserts.

You're just upset because they were women, troll

I think you were taught a valuable lesson. Thank them, instead, for their instruction.

You can sue the individuals but not the military

Yes, you can. They initiated the attack. It doesn't matter if they are military or not. They put their hands on you.