How much trouble could I be in for touching this boy at school??? urgent?

There's a boy at my school that i dont really get along with... it's become my normal routine to mess with him whenever I see him. A bunch of us got together for a party and he was there. My friends and i were drinking and in a active game of truth or dare and they dared my to reach into his pants and squeeze his privates in front of all of his friends and call him a fag. After a lot of convincing I did and the boy got really upset and left. Then this morning, another kid at the party showed up and told my parents. Now i'm grounded but I dont know who else that girl is going to tell, how much trouble could i get in if she tells anyone else. She probably wouldn't have told if everyone didnt know that we despised eachother. I think that made it a lot worst. How much trouble willI be in?

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How much trouble you will be in depends on the boy. If he chooses to have assault charges brought against you, then you will end up with a criminal record. Truth or Dare does not and should not involve touching or assaulting anyone. Use your brain and common sense next time.

Big trouble, especially when they find out you were drinking.

That was an awfull thing to do
You are a bully
And guess what: still only concerned with your trouble.

You need to tell this boy you are sorry snd you thought sbout it and you feel sooo bad anout doung such a tactless thing to him. Your lack of empathy is gonna ruin your life if you dont take responsibility for what you do.

Why do you think they are called "his privates"?

God, you sound like such a prize. Your parents must be so proud. Assault, sexual assault, underage drinking.

Don't be at all surprised to find yourself on the sex offender's list as a bonus. You deserve it.

Its sexual assault. When you dont like people, just leave them alone.

Sexual assault...

Troll Score: F. If this were a true story, the POLICE would have already told you the CRIMINAL charges you were facing.