I want to join the military after I graduate college but my dad is pissed and told me if I do I have to pay every dime back? What do I do?

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His money paying for college so he is seeing it as a waste and has a right to tell you to pay him back for it.

Have you actually sat down and talked to him about it? Explaining what you want to do? How much longer do you have? If more than 3 years look into the ROTC program. If not then why are you staying in college? Very few with degrees outside the Academies and ROTC programs are selected as Officers. Look into Reserves as an option as well.

Enlisted might be the only option in which yes it can be considered a waste especially if you didn't pay for it as far as he sees.

If you will stay in college then make sure it is a degree that will be worth more than the piece of paper it's on. Criminal Justice areas do not unless they are minors for a major for example.

Decide if that's what you really want to do, and if it is, see what you can do to bring your dad around to seeing it from your point of view.

Legally he can ask for reimbursement, but you have no obligation to pay.

Join if you want and pay him back - and thank him for it then say goodbye.

Join and pay it back.

The military might pay your school debt depending on your degree.


Can you elaborate? Why is against you joining? Moreover, why do you want to join?

In the meantime, please see my Yahoo Best Answer @ link in comments. It might give you some insights from your father s point of view.

Tell your dad to F off, you are an adult now you can do as you please.

It would help if we had some history or even an inkling of what courses you took in College. When you start a new account with a question like that and offer no details, lit is impossible to give you a good thoughtful answer.