Injured at work is it my fault?

I have been injured inside of work and been of for the past 2 days. I pack food off a line into trays and then onto a pallet. the problem was these trays were soaking wet but had to use them anyways as we were packing this made the floor soaking wet. the problem is i was carrying a tray and my foot clipped the side of the pallet which made me stumble over it but because the floor was slipper i kept slipping and ended up falling onto my knees and elbows hurting them to the point where it hurts if i stand to long. Now my employer as i told him said dont tell me nothing less is better. and since being off wants me to take the days off as holidays which were already booked for next week and to claim i hurt myself out of work because otherwise i will get into trouble due to it "being my fault". Is this true? I been receiving texts almost warning me not to claim or to give a report i hurt myself in work otherwise il be in trouble I hadn't even though about claiming would of just preferred to have been paid sick day for the days I needed to recover any help? Thanks!

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Sounds like they have a system that pays employees for number of days without injury. Possibly why you are getting threatened to not turn it in. Employers have to maintain a safe work environment. Doesn't sound like it was safe.

Your employer is trying to screw you but you have rights. Contact your state's employment commission. Also you probably should look for a new job.

You have a bad employer who doesn't care about H&S and if you claim they are going to get a visit and will have to make the work place safe. ALL accident at work legally need to be recorded.

Contact the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) and file a complaint.

No for the UK, your employer is at fault for making you work on a wet slippy floor. You should phone the Health & Safety Executive. he has to legally record the accident and cannot tell you to take your holiday in lieu of sickness.

Use the days off you have coming to you to recover - as your employer said. Yes, it was your fault. You knew you spilled water on the floor and then you walked through it. You should have had the common sense to clean up the water you spilled and to not walk through it, risking slipping. You were negligent. It was an unfortunate mistake in judgment and it is unfortunate that you were hurt but, you are to blame, not him.

It really shouldn't matter who's fault. You will get workers compensation. But it's usually only 60 to 80 percent l