Is it illegal to kill wild animal for food?

Let's say someone is really poor and doesn't have money, so he goes outside and kill a raccoon, or a rabbit and does it on a daily basis. Is it illegal?

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According to any country rules, it is.

Yes. Hunting is legal in certain places, at certain times of the year - IF you are licensed to hunt. Otherwise, you are just a murderous animal killer.

It's legal. Some areas have a limit on animals like deer and you need a valid license. But rabbit and racoon is fine.

That depends on where they do the killing.
On someone else's property the animal belongs to them.
It also depends on how they kill it, what animal and what time of year.

It depends on the animal and where you are, of course. Not allowed to go out and shoot deer whenever you want, say, even though there are way too many now, and you aren't allowed to shoot Canada Geese either, even though they are becoming a plague. Small "varmints" may not be covered by laws against hunting, but often are. Depends on where you live.

The "for food" part isn't relevant. The why is not important, apart from coming into consideration when they decide to punish you. Animal protection and control laws do not generally have that loophole of "you can do it for food". Of course, it would take a very cold-hearted court to sentence you the max fine or jailtime for doing what you need to do to survive. Doesn't mean that they wouldn't though.


There is no one correct answer to your question, as hunting, fishing, and trapping laws vary widely from state to state. You need to check the laws relevant to your own state. You should be able to get a copy of those laws anywhere a hunting license is sold.