Texas now requires a woman that has an abortion to have a funeral for the baby she aborted. So, she gets pregnant, basically she is forced to keep the baby, or be humiliated by some, keeps the baby, TRIES to collect money from the sperm donor for child support, he WON'T pay, the so called system won't help her collect....yes, getting pregnant is all on her....what do you on Q and A think...if I kept a guys baby that would not pay for child support, I would NOT give that child his last name...I should have some kind of rights...

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So use birth control.
Yes there are support systems. Use the child enforcement agency, and also welfare programs for assistance. Having a child puts you in a different income bracket than if it was just you.. You would likely qualify for food stamps, medical card, possibly housing assistance and even some cash assistance.
And while the child support agency cant force him to pay, they can suspend his license, and any time he would aquire any funds (income tax, inheritance etc, they can confiscate it for support payments)

Like you said, getting pregnant is all on her

Next man will be forced to have funerals for all the sperms killed while he master baits, not.

Look at it this way : it is the WOMAN who gets pregnant, therefore it is the WOMAN who is responsible for her birth control to ensure that she does not become pregnant.

Rape, however, is a different issue.

And here in the UK, if a mother does not wish to have the errant father on the birth certificate, it is not done.

The system does help women collect child support.

Below is a quick to find link to one such program.

You don't have to give your child the father's last name. And every state has advocacy groups to help women collect child support. I agree, Texas is AFU with their abortion laws.