Should I take the risk? IMPORTANT?

On November 19th I got charged with drug abuse (possession of weed) and prohibition (under age possession of alcohol) I m 17 years old and I m waiting to get my court date in the mail. I ve been smoking since I was 14/15 years old and almost everyday for the past 2 years. I would say i smoke about 2 grams a day. I know for a FACT I m going to get drug tested the day of court, but I ve yet to find out when that is. Since November 19th, I ve only smoked about 5 times. So I d say within the past couple weeks I ve been an "occasional user". I called the court a few days ago and they said they transferred my court date to my county on Friday and I should be expecting the court date within 2 weeks. I for sure want to be clean by court and I don t wan t to risk smoking if it will show up on my drug test.

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My son went through the same thing. You will definitelty be tested. Its just not worth it. You need to stay clean, as you will more than likely get probation and be tested throughout. If this is your first occurrence, you could ask for 74/11 probabtion, I think it was called. Basically, it will be wiped off your records if you stay out of trouble. It will be legalized in no time, so stay clean and do as you are told! You will be thankful later!

It takes about a month for weed to wash out of your system and not show up in a urine test. If they test your hair, it will show up for even further back so they WILL find it if they do that. Absolutely DO NOT SMOKE from now on to at least beat a urine test.

You could be "clean" with a urine test, but not with a hair test. You may have to do both.

No. You should be fine. Just make sure you drink about 32 oz. of water the morning of the court date and a good 24 oz. the night before. That should dilute it plenty.

So don't smoke. Also, if they test your hair, they can see if you have smoked weed in the past year. You are already screwed.

For the sake of the few brain cells you haven't yet killed, no its not worth it. If you are only concerned about getting in trouble with the law, it's also not worth it. It was never worth it, but you chose to partake in illegal substances anyway. Hope the judge realizes you are not capable of adult reasoning, and only gives you a minor penalty with some drug counseling.