Did I quit my job or was I fired?

If I put in my 2 week notice to leave a job but they tell me to just pack my stuff and get out now, was I fired or did I quit? I brought up several issues that I've had with management. I haven't had an evaluation or wage increase in the past 5 years. Several of us have expired certifications for things we need to do our jobs but the company is completely ignoring this issue. They responded with, these issues are none of my concern, I should just do my job and not worry about it. After we lost a couple people, last week they gave me several store charge cards (company accounts) and asked me to pick up things for them on my way to work. One of my stops was Sam's Club and when I went to check out the card was declined. I called in and it seemed the company was over their limit and needed to make an immediate payment. By the time we got all this worked out and the company cleared me to check out, I was late for work. I was wrote up for coming in late after I used my own vehicle for picking up their supplies on my own time, so I told them just to consider this my 2 week notice and I told them I was not going to be running errands for them on my own time during my last 2 weeks and they told me if I was going to get mad about it and pull that kind of attitude with them I should just get out now. I was told not to be an a$$ and apply for unemployment because I quit and it's my understanding you don't get unemployment in Nebraska if you quit but could I say I was fired?

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From the point of view of unemployment you were fired without cause. Go sign up.

I had the exact same thing happen. I got it.

Both. You quit properly but they did fire you. So apply for unemployment but make sure it does not go on your resume that you were fired. They screwed you so stand up for yourself. Keep all records. Beware of what you sign and get copies of everything.

You quit.

You quit, and were immediately removed from the schedule.

Several of us have expired certifications for things we need to do our jobs but the company is completely ignoring this issue.
YOU are responsible for maintaining any legally required certifications. Failing to do so is grounds to FIRE you FOR CAUSE.

You gave your resignation. You quit. You ALSO refused to do what you're told in advance, for the next 2 weeks. Insubordination, which won't look good at all for unemployment..

Any company can decide to tell an employee to stay home after they've quit, just like you can opt not to go in - after you've resigned.

You quit. You can't be fired after you quit, because you quit.

Sounds like you quit. You spoke first.