How has your Army experience been so far?

How has the Army helped your life and do you have any regrets?

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My wife was Army and I must admit my Army experience has been rather pleasant.

Yeah man i get to kill people


It's interesting that you use a word like "regrets." My wife always tells me that, "Regrets are never in the beginning; they're always in the end." I think she is right. You often don't think about consequences when starting something. You are sometimes blinded to various points of view.

I will give you a different answer than you might get here. You might not know that military people have a higher rate of the following the civilians or the population at large:

Wife beating
Spouse cheating
LEGAL drug use
Compulsive Sexual Behavior
Etc, etc.

Please see my Yahoo Best Answer in the comments. It will give you further background and context on the military. I cite my sources for all of the above.

No regrets. I was in the Air Force 1955 - 1963 and the benefits of service have been slowly unfolding over the many years since then. Very few of the benefits were evident at that time.

No regrets. The army put me through school. Because of it I met my wife. I made life long best friends. Learned things and gained experience that makes my resume look second to none paid for my bachelor's degree, master's degree, and will be paying for a second master's. I met my husband and have been mostly happily married for almost 9 years. I met some of the best people that I was honored to have served with.

Also....I got injured and can no longer run. I have asthma due to chemicals that requires daily medication. I put having a family on hold in order to deploy with my units.

Like any job, there are pros and cons. How you look at your experience overall is all on you.