I requested the personnel file of a local officer I've had problems with and after some resistance from their records office I got it?

They had made copies and used a sharpie to redact his home address, ssn, etc. but I can clearly read them through the sharpie. Since they provided these records to me, would it be legal to share and publish them? If someone were able to read the ssn etc, and I published the documents would I be liable or would they for not redacting the information properly?

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They did redact properly. It is unfortunate that the paper that was used still allowed the information to be read. Any paper I have redacted would not allow it. Out of curiosity, I have checked from time to time. Do you post or share that personal information. You could find yourself in serious trouble. You were NOT given that information so you do not own it and you have no right to share it. You would only have the right to share it if you owned the information - were given it by the person you had problems with. Redacting is always done with a black marker/sharpie. They did their best to black out the information. Most paper does not allow it to still show.

Im not sure if disseminating classified information is illegal. Let me ask snowden.

You might want to instead ask yourself why you want to go looking for trouble.

What's your name? I'm going to go get your records, and trust me when I say I will have your social security number, and then I'm going to put it online. Cool idea?

The judge would probably split the cost of credit monitoring between you and the department.

Tread lightly. When you mess with the bull sometimes you get the horns.