Do we require perfect vision to work as a medical officer in the army?

Please somebody answer because it will mean a lot to me. I really want to serve in the military but im ******* blind as a bat. Okay not that blind because im over exaggerating. But have high power

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Everyone must meet the same initial entry standards. Including vision.

More than +/- 8.00 diopter does not meet the standard and would require a waiver. If you cannot correct to 20/20, no waiver will be granted.

You will be a soldier first and and a medical officer second.
So look at the requirements for entering the Army.

You'll have to ask a recruiter.

My dad was legally blind and he was an officer. That was 1951 though.

Which country? The US military requires all personnel to pass a standard vision test, with and without glasses. Perfect vision is not required without glasses. Near perfect vision is required when corrected with glasses.

Are you a licensed medical doctor ? If you are, use this site(pun INTENDED).

If you're hoping to become a doctor while in the Army. Use this site(once again, pun intended).

you do not need perfect vision to do anything n the military

but it does have to correct with glass's

and it can be no worse the -8.50 diaopters