I need legal help about my father?

Hi. My name is Brayden and I am 12 years old. Recently I have decided I don't want to go to my fathers house anymore and I want to stay with mum. I've been emailing my dad about if we can arrange a time for me to go to his house for just half an hour to get some of my things that I paid for and the emails have been going on a while. Today he emailed back saying I can not come over to get my stuff. What can I do? Is he breaking the law by keeping my stuff? I live in australia. I need help! I want my stuff back!

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you might have to get the police involved.I don't know the rules in Australia. In the US, if a parent has legal visitation to see a child, the child has to go unless there's abuse happening. But if you can not go to his house, you have the right to get your things.

Ur mom will get the stuff

In the U.S. and Canada, probably Australia too, minors own NOTHING. Everything you have was purchased by your parents or given to you for your growing years. Your stuff is on loan or while you are growing. Your father has every right to keep it. Further, if the court ordered him to have primary custody or visitation, then you are obligated and your mother is obligated to uphold the court order.

Stay away from Yahoo Answers. You are supposed to be 13 to be on here. And the first two answers re good. Stay off of here, and listen to both parents. I am willing to bet if either one of them caught you asking this you would be in trouble.

Your mother needs to sue him in small claims court to get your stuff back, but if you visit your father as part of a court order then you still have to go otherwise your mother will be in trouble, talk to her about why you do not want to go and visit your dad anymore, maybe she can go back to the court for you.

Tell your mother to file a complaint to the police, or at least threaten to do so. With the police involved (or threat of police), there's no way your father can so no.