I want to kill myself painlessly.?

i was thinking of hanging myself but i need ideas on where in my house i should do it, somewhere that will hold my weight from above. i know someone will say "that s not painless" but i used to choke myself until i d pass out so it won t hurt as much. i ve tried pills as well and they didnt work multiple times so i also need some pill choices, like which ones do i take to do the job?

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Ask God for help and find a counsellor. Your life will then change for the better, as it has for millions.

If you care about the pain, are you sure you want to die?

First of all I wish I could find out why you want to do this. You could be feeling sorry for yourself. If you carry it out plan on going to hell where its hot below the earth's surface. Its a sin you can't be forgiven for. The devil wishes you would though. You should find a good church pastor somewhere close by & tell him your problem. If his answer doesn't suit you try another one, etc etc.

can you give me all of your money before you die?

Don't do anything silly, talk to a doctor or a counsellor.

Dont do it!!! Please please talk to somebody and get the help you need. Have you thought about the effect your death will have on your parents and friends and family???? Do you really want them to suffer and go through that pain??