Is the common thread between atheism and homosexuality a poor relationship with one's father?

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It's possible. I know molestation and homosexuality also have a strange link.

Has nothing at all to do with each other, it's simply who a person is which is not up to you to determine if their existence is right or wrong. If your god hated them so much they wouldn't be here, and not only be here but getting what they rightfully deserve while others threaten their rights simply because they think they are better.


Is the common thread between religiosity and idiocy a head injury as a child?

It is really brave of you to make such a public confession that the only thing standing between you and your happiness is God. I urge you to embrace your sexuality. Certain people around you who call themselves Christians may give you a hard time, and may even reject you. This can be difficult, but if you're not going to let God stand in your way, don't let people stand in your way either. Love yourself.

PS: sorry about you and your dad.