What s a pretty boy?

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Oh, why thank you! My mom used to say that but I never believed her.

Google "jersey shore cast" and you will have your answer. Or pretty much 1/2 of the guys walking around in North America and Europe.

A pretty boy is often a white teenage boy considered to be reaching high standards of both sexes, with features such as decent cheek bones, fuller lips, ect.. Pretty boys are also usually not too muscular, but have reached a point where they are both quite skinny and muscular, if that makes any sense. They also are known to have a keen sense of fashion, and maybe quite cocky about things. Being cocky doesn't apply to all pretty boys though, as some can be outgoing and approachable.

1. A lady boy. A she-male prostitute.
2. A vain, effeminate namby-pamby young man.
3. implies homosexuality or gay-ness.

Y!A has been dropping in quality. I remember it used to be pretty good back in 2008.

not you