Why are republicans called nazis?

They are for corporatism and free markets. Not exactly national socialism.

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Plus libs try to force others to believe the same things they "believe" in.

Because they exhibit many of the same behaviors.

Because jews own the media, jews are neurotic, and neurotic jews see "republicans" as a proxy for White people and it was White people sent jews to camps in Germany over 70 years ago. This logically flawed narrative is beaten into jews by their neurotic, overbearing parents from infancy. This typically starts shortly after the pedophilic Rabbi bites off their foreskin and sucks off the wound thereby traumatizing the baby Heeb for life and continuing this viscous cycle for the next generation.

I agree that free market capitalism is not crony capitalism and fascism that NS promotes, however, the latter are the natural consequence of free market capitalism because sooner or later, under free markets, top performing firms get so much power that they lock down the political system and raise barriers to entry in their respective economies.

Regulated, Keynesian style capitalism works. It's produced the most prosperous living situation on Earth.

cause libs believe in the liberal agenda which calls for tolerance except if you disagree with he liberal narrative