My friend has depression, lost her dad last year and is self harming. I'm trying my best to help her but it's getting so hard. Please help.?

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The rule in this connection says: "Do your best and leave the rest to God with a little prayer.

In this respect, honesty is the best policy.

Self help is the best help. Because recently I have broken my leg in an accident. I can only bless and cannot walk up to your house.

Make sure to be around her and constantly encourage. Since it seems like it's getting to a breaking point, I'd recommend telling a trusted, responsible adult before things escalate, no matter how anxious or fearful you get. Remember that both you and your friend's safety is at risk.

Tell her to learn more about spirituality and meditation!! The only things that can take her out of that

Just be around her, talk to her about it. or maybe bring her to a doctor or something