HELP!! I need to grow up!?

Hey guys, so basically. I'm 25 years old. Growing up, I never really had a teenage experience. It was school, home, sleep. I was constantly depressed, and I had no friends who wanted to hang out or anything. Anyway, fast forward to now, I'm struggling to find a job because nowhere is hiring even though they all say I'm outgoing and friendly and stuff. I like to play games, and my best friend is literally my cousin who is 16 because I play games with him. So yeah, we also write together and are in the process of a book, which happens to have a publisher keeping tabs on us because they like our story so far. So, I think it's safe to say he's my best friend. I guess I'm reliving those teen years and trying to get back what I didn't really have as a teenager. It's so bad now though that my cousins stepmom thinks I have some sort of mental issue which isn't the case. It's more like he's just what's convenient and I play games with him while I have nothing to do. I'm tired of people treating me like a kid, and I really want to be seen as not a kid or a special person So, how do you grow up from those Teaneck years? I don't like to drink or anything either so we can cut out those bar nights already as well.

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First of all , it really doesnt matter what people think about you , its your life and you can live it anyway you want, so stop caring what other people say ,, if you like spending time with your cousin , it good ,, ! So do things which interest you not what others think about you !

Getting a job is the most important part of it. Everything else comes from that. You just can't grow up while you can't pay for your own stuff. I had a very similar situation but for me it was more like, once I had a job I still didn't want to leave home even though I could because it was all I'd known my whole life and I'd conditioned myself to avoid taking risks. I'd make vague plans about getting a master's degree and moving onto campus but I always had some reason for why I couldn't. Eventually I realised nothing was going to happen if I didn't make it. My parents being the loving and supportive people they were weren't going to kick me out, so I had to do it myself.

Good luck with the book. It's good that you're doing something productive while you're not working, that's really important. Hope it works out for you

Growing, for your kind information, is natural. You need not have to put any extra or special efforts for this purpose. hiring now ...for summertime then: