Guys, do you generally like the people at your gym?

I know that gyms aren't the place to make friends, and that people don't talk much at the gym. However, do you generally like the people at your gym, meaning that they seem cool enough in your limited interactions with them and they don't bug you? Or are the people at your gym just a bunch of sweaty, loud people who are in your way? Thanks.

3 Answer(s)

No one bugs you lol or bullies you if that's what you're scared of.

I don't really talk or know many people from my gym. But most people are pretty cool there

I joined a new gym about a year ago(cheaper, better equipment, heavier dumbbells etc) and is more filled with people. The only time I talk to someone is to see if they're using a bench or not. Only time someone talks to me is to ask me the same thing or to spot them. So I have no assessment as I don't know any of them lol. Everyone has their headphones on and working, only interactions I see are people that come in with a partner or see a friend at the gym. Other that everyone's in their own world.