Is this a manic or bipolar episode or OCD? PPS?

really feel deeply paranoid because while talking to a co-teacher i was trying to step backwards and touch the pole without seeing that there was a student leaning so i accidentally touched his private area. I did feeel so terribly scared... How will i handle this? Do i ask him if i did something that offended him? Because i wasn't so sure if he felt it... But i want to get peace of mind.. Please help me.. I wasn't able to say sorry as well and that makes it worse i guess...

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You're something.

Um, no. That was none of those. It's called an accident, not a mental illness.

Relax,, its not a disorder or illness

If you really can't live with yourself without apologizing, you can say, "I'm sorry that I brushed up against you the other day near the pole." If he says, "What do you mean? " then say, "Oh, I guess you didn't notice me bumping into you." Don't go into detail and that's that. If he says, "That's okay, it happens," then you can move on with your life. It's really not a big thing, but since in the work place it might be perceived as sexual harassment, perhaps an apology would be good. You don't have to go into detail. He might even be too embarrassed to admit to noticing it. However, your attempt to apologize will put his mind at rest that you didn't do it on purpose.