I'm eating about 896 calories a day but I lost about 4 pounds in about a month or less, why? I also exercise.?

I exercise for an hour at least 4 times a week with moderate intensity. I jog a mile and i do elliptical and then cool down with stationary bicycle for the remaining time. Please don't comment on my calorie intake!!

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I know you said not to comment on calorie intake but THAT is why your not losing more weight. Your body is in starvation mode and won't let you lose more weight because your not getting enough calories to stay alive. You don't know anything about weight loss and don't want to learn...

Not eating enough, starving yourself, slow metabolism is the result.

Your body adapts to 896 calorie. You have to continually drop them lower and lower to keeo burning fat. People on diets will generally "reverse" diet or have refeed days just to sort of reset it and start it back up.

Do you weigh your food? If not, you are probably under guessing what you eat and eating more than you think.