Is it dumb to buy a protein supplement?

I eat vegetarian to lose weight but i need more protein and im notngetting enough from grans and legunes and tofu etc. I know i can get more protein from beans but that would mea more carbs and i get scared that i will gain weight if i eat more carbs even though it doesnt work like that. As long as i burn more calories than i consume i should be finw but its stuck in my head and i dont want to do that. Should i buy a protein supplement and take it every day

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If you burn more calories than you consume, you're heading down a very unhealthy path. Do you know that, if you rested all day and did nothing, your body would burn over a thousand calories? It's true. Your brain and other organs need the extra calories to maintain health.

Counting carbs is great. Eat from 50-75 grams a day. You ought to maintain your weight at that.

How much protein are you currently getting from your diet?
How much protein do you think you need?
You probably don't need as much as you think you do. Protein needs are often exaggerated by the fitness industry to sell protein supplements. Unless you're an elite strength athlete trying to get down to an extremely low body fat percentage, you'll be fine if you're getting at least 1 gram of protein per kilo of body weight per day.

Note: I said kilogram, not pound. If you weighed 220lbs, you'd need around 100g of protein per day. If you really can't get this much protein from your diet, you probably will need a protein supplement.

I've had this conversation, buy tuna and eat 3 times a week and you should feel better.......Genova Tuna is delicious

The number one food to eat for weight loss is MEAT. Vegetarian diets aren't weight loss diets.. they contain rice, pasta, beans.. none of those foods are recommended for weight loss. You don't need a protein supplement. You need to get protein from the food you eat.