Is this considered an eating disorder?

My mother pulled me aside today very concerned that I have an eating disorder. I am a senior in college and I'm very stressed out as I'm taking more classes than normal and they are all very intense. Normally when I wake up my first instinct is to start studying so I don't think about eating. When I'm studying or doing homework, sometimes I feel hungry but I'm usually on a roll so I don't stop. I keep telling myself to just read one more page or write one more note card. But usually by the time I finish I feel too tired to make anything to eat so I may eat a small snack. I also work part time, so I between work and school I just never feel motivated to eat anymore. And when I do eat it's usually just one big meal a day and that holds me over. I know what I'm doing probably isn't the healthiest but is it really considered an eating disorder?

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That doesn't seem to be an eatig disorder, you just seem so stressed out that your body puts food aside as a priority. Maybe try as hard as you can to fit more nutrition in there though it might help you feel better to just eat an apple or a granola bar, something you don't have to spend energy on making. I don't think you're on the verge of death or anything. Just take it easy as soon as you can, and good luck ^_^

I don't think so. You're not doing it to lose weight or because you have a problem with food. I think if you can prepare, or ask your mom to prepare some healthy meals and snacks ahead of time (like boiled eggs, a sandwich or salad, etc) that you can eat cold or quickly heat up so you can get back to your studying, this may help. If not, then you may need to seek a professional opinion.

If you and your family are concerned, it really is a good idea to see your doctor. It certainly sounds like you have "disordered eating" considering that you know your eating habits are not normal. Your doctor can address proper nutrition for you (maybe refer you to a nutritionist if you think that would help) and also the stress/anxiety issues.

Make it a point to eat several small meals. If you really cannot take normal sized meals, just split everything up and eat more often - try to eat when you first get up, a mid morning snack, a lunch, a snack, a dinner, and a snack. Make it easy on yourself by planning out the day before what you are going to have so you don't have to think about it as much. Make sure that most of those foods provide healthy calories and nutrients - like nuts, nut butters, avocado, fruits, veggies, hummus, oatmeals. Try to have some protein and fat if you are eating a fruit or veggie, so that way you get in more nutrition and calories.

No, its not an eating disorder