J-RPG versus RPG : which do you like best and why?

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To me it is J-RPG, and that is mainly because I kinda like the Character Growth that they place with the JRPG system.

Most RPG especially American based, put you into a kinda open worth sandbox experience, they give you a motive, but kinda runs on the Lore of the world then really they growth of the characters. While they make a world out of yoru world, it kinda weakens yoru character just a bit. I couldn't follow to well with the story of Fable, Skyrim, and Fallout too well because because.

For JRPGs, they build the world around the character(s). They follow a more storybook world. where you follow the journey, Seeing characters Contimplate on what they will do, Also with the Silent Types, especially with like Zelda, the Arisen of Dragon Dogma, and the Undeads of Dark souls, once you get the story you wonder is what you doing is the right thing and what would be the right choice, even if their is one. Sometimes it puts a lump in your throat, or a silent scream as you go through the story.

You get a character killed off in Skyrim that is just a oh well as most characters aren't really well built. With an example like Final Fantasy 7, we got to know Aerith her backstory and how she behaves. From her caring personality to her teasing jokes to her fighting, and then the big one hits you, as she gets killed off. That is heart wrenching.

This is why I think JRPGs are atleast better

Both but I lean more towards JRPGs.

RPG, even though I love anime, I hate how linear JRPGs are sometimes and I'm also not a big fan of the basic JRPG combat styles.