In 10 minutes, the top three finishers in a hot dog eating contest consumed a total of 143 hot dogs.?

The winner, person A, ate 12 more hot dogs than the runner-up, person B. Person C finished a distant third, 7 hot dogs behind person B. How many hot dogs did each person eat?

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troll..... hot dogs are food put your question in the correct section therefore

This does not pertain to dogs. This is the dog section.

A = 12 + N
B = N
C = N - 7

(12 + N) + (N) + (N - 7) = 143
12 + 3N - 7 = 143
3N +5 =143
3N = 138
N = 46

A ate 58
B ate 46
C ate 39

Word just in that Person B was disqualified for stuffing hot dogs in his pants when nobody was looking.

58, 46, 39. I can tell you the answer as soon as I finished reading the question, but I can't tell you how i came to get that answer. Sorry if you Need to show the steps to get to that answer.