If three people having sex is called a threesome and four people having sex is called a foursome,?

then what does it really mean when someone calls you handsome?

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(chuckles) Isn't it obvious? That's when a bunch of hands get together and have an orgy! My hand seems to do it all the time. (holds up his left hand) Isn't that right, hand? (silence) I'm sorry, I called him by his wrong name. Isn't that left hand? (silence) He's just shy. Really nervous today. Come on hand. Share all your orgy adventures! (longer silence. The hand turns to face the computer)

Left Hand: (whispers) He's crazy! He's talking to hands!

any intimacy that's not between a husband & wife is called fornication

Ha, ha. But handsome means at root malleable.

There ought to be a way of upvoting questions as well as answers!
Now I see why it's called feeling "(L)onesome".