True, or false, some men don't ever grow up, they just grow old?

That's a line I heard John Lund say in Miss Tatlock's Millions, and it sticks with me.. and plus, he looked so damn hot when he said it too.. He was a real man.. *sigh*

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True.... * picks nose*

Used to be some. Now it's most.

True. Some women don't ever grow up, either.

As you know, while growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional.

It reminds me of some disclaimers on some shows like Tosh.0 or South Park - the claim that these are intended for mature audiences. I keep thinking, "Mature people wouldn't watch this stuff. Immature adults watch it."

You may be right

True however, that doesn't only apply to males, but plenty of females as well.

As my momma called it "Stuck on stupid, growing up not learning a thing".