I have a girlfriend right now but i think I might be gay? what should i do?

im not totally sure yet. i i like her a lot but more on a emotional level. i mean i can tell she is pretty and all but I'm not sure if I'm attracted to her sexually. i think I'm more attracted to guys. I'm 15 yo guy btw

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If you would rather have a boyfriend than that is that, you shouldn't pressure yourself to stay in the relationship you're in now.

I'm in high school too, and I just wanted to say that it is completely normal to question your sexuality at 15. It doesn't mean you are gay/bi, even if you feel attractions for the same sex sometimes, this process of developing your sexuality is a huge part of puberty, what you thought you knew about yourself will either be established or adjusted. It is only fair to you to take a break from sex and relationships right now, as doing either, even if you're trying to use them to figure out what you like, would only confuse you more and cause you to lose or misdefine who you are if done prematurely or with no direction. You owe it to yourself and whoever you will be with in the future to let the evolution take its course and then get to know yourself better before you try to be serious or sexual with someone else. And developing close friendships with both sexes will also help in future relationships anyway, so don't feel peer pressured or that you have to hurry up, sex is sweeter when you wait for the right time, holding out for something better doesn't mean delaying satisfaction if you know how to spend your time. And keep in mind that sexuality doesn't define a person, doesn't define who you are or what your future is. No matter what you like, you still get to decide how you live, your happiness and fulfillment doesn't depend on who you have sex with. Good luck!

Tell her you like díck and not pússy silly fàggot. It's that simple. I can already tell you are gay as hell just by reading what you wrote.

If you are comfortable discussing your sexuality openly now, be honest with her. If you don't and she "falls" for you, she could be really hurt that 1) you did not tell her the truth 2) she will feel mislead, deceived, and like a fool.

I had the same experience. First of all, look deep in your heart, if you are gay, such as I was, meet her in person, and tell her why you need to break up and move on.

Perhaps you're bisexual. If you're not attracted to her then you'll end up cheating on her. I suggest that if you're not 100% happy then break it off.