Is it legal to charge rent based on how many people are living in the house? Please read description.?

My boyfriend's landlord is taking partial payments and charges for my boyfriend, his sister, and his sisters boyfriend (everyone who already lives in the house and they pay rent); the landlord is trying to charge for me and my daughter also and we don't live with them, we visit every other weekend, but we're only there 6 days out of the month. Is this ok/ legal? Because I've never heard of someone being able to do this especially while taking partial payments.

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When you're visiting" that often, yes

normally no, rent is rent, however the landlord can limit the amount of people occupying the place as does some local community laws
if the tenant is paying his own utilities the limit for occupants could be governed by local law or merely a reference in case of a disaster to be able to find everyone alleged to be in the premises

A hotel would do that so why not a landlord?

Yes. That's simply an issue between the landlord and you. Barring any local laws and given the size of the US (assuming you are in the US), that's a lot of areas that "could" have their own local laws on this issue.

Sure is. They can charge whatever they want, so long as they give proper notice. Taking partial payments has no bearing at all.

if there is not a current lease, the landlord can raise the rent with proper notice--typically 1 rental month--in most areas....if LL wants more for you visiting, he can raise the rent of the actual tenants. You can't be charged as a guest. Tenants are entitled to reasonable guests...typically 2-3 weeks at one time and no more than 30-60 days per year- 104 (every weekend) if you are lucky.

if you are there every other weekend overnight, that is 52 days per year..whether that is a reasonable number for guests is up to debate...only being there during the day is not an unreasonable amount of guest time