Shall I move out of parents house if I'm on apprenticeship wage of 3.40 per hour on a 40 hour a week contract?

I'm doing an apprenticeship but only earning 400 per month. Im itching to move out cos cannot stand parents

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You're not making enough money. That's not even minimum wage.

If you're only earning £400 a month, it's highly unlikely you can afford to rent anywhere.

Landlords will accept you generally if you're earning 2-3 x more a month than rent - and I doubt there's anywhere that you can rent for £150/200 a month

Only if you can find lots of roommates to share expenses and when you do you will have a bunch of new complaints about living with them, and be even poorer. Stay put at home as long as you can.

I'm guessing you are in the same country as me because that looks like a very young apprenticeship wage in the UK, but no, you are only earning about what monthly rent is now for a modest property and help with it is very limited for young workers. You can't pay £400 rent and then starve and not have utilities.

you can't afford to do so, get over your anger with your parents

You do not have nearly enough income to afford renting. Your monthly income
must be 3 times the amount of the monthly rent and show pay stubs to prove it.

You will not find anywhere you can afford to rent on that salary