If I am the leasee on a rental agreement and roomates are under "other tenants" on the lease, what are my options?

They have damaged the property on several occasions and their dog consistently soils herself in the home on carpet, the cops have even been called on the dog by neighbors, and she s turned the gas on the stove on at least 3 times from jumping and pawing at it. They live in filth and their room creates a terrible odor. Can I have them evicted and pick up their portion of the rent? What are my options here?

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baby proof the stove for starters...there is a cheap device for that.

if there is a current lease, you need to consult with the landlord.....if they are legally 'on the lease' it will be hard to get them out until the lease expires.

if they have not signed the lease and only you have you can give them 30 day notice to vacate, if they do not then you go to court to have them evictd by the court
if they are signatory on the lease it will be up to the landlord

Only the landlord can evict them - speak to your landlord

Depending on where you live, it's likely that you can evict them if you're the main lease-holder, but the process is arduous and time-consuming. Instead, I suggest you go to the landlord, tell him/her that the other tenants are harming the property and endangering the entire building with their dog's actions, and suggest that the landlord evict them with your support and testimony, if needed. (It probably won't be needed). Tell the landlord that you're willing and able to pick up the extra rent.

Report them to the landlord perhaps? Keep a diary afterwards, and if they keep doing it the landlord can evict them. Are they even allowed a dog in a house share? They definitely should be training it to tell them when it needs a crap, it's not hard. Personally I just wouldn't go into a house share, there's always either a smelly bastid or a music lover.