Comon tenant separation for real state property?

I am very thanks to everyone who support the users of this forum. 2 months ago I decided to buy my house and take the oportumity of my FHA loan, my girlfriend and I decided to move together with her 2 boys and my 3 girls, but she insisted that I have to put her in the deed because we both will cover all expenses and payment in the house. Me with my good heart and honest being I acepted, she gave me 5000 gift for the downpayment The problem is the same date we had the closing foe the property her actitude changed, she get agresive, meant, and I notice she wants me and my girls to do everything at home, I bought this house 3 mins commute from my job and that is the reason I decided to buy this house. What can happen if she keeps that actitude and I dont want keep being and having anything with her? We have a notarized agreement saying both are responsible for 50 percent of all payments and if ine of the party decide to leave the house the property will be sold and proffit devided equally if any, but this is my FHA that I dont want to waste, and this is close to my work, and the mortgahe is on my time perhaps if things do not work with her I would like to keep my property and give her money back. Please advise what could happen in court in my case. Thanks in advance.

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since you are not married, her only investment in the property is the $5K and not being married she would have no clout in a court procedure, other than her $5K
if it is to the point of someone vacating, offer her the $5(or more) to get out, if she paid anything while living there it would be considered her living expenses with her children which she would be paying anyplace she lived
you can remove her from the county records(quit claim deed), she is not a party to the FHA loan, that is yours and yours alone

You have a written agreement that says the house must be sold, so it must. Period, if she chooses to go to court.


You messed up that is why all of us on this forum tell people never to buy a house with someone you are not married to. You might as well sell it or somehow get out of this because if you do not you will pay off the house for years and she will own half of it.

If you split up, you will either have to agree on who is to keep the house or you will have to sue her and get a judge to order it sold and both of you will take the loss/or benefit from any increase in value. In such a short time, you will lose big time. If she does agree to allow you to keep the house, you will have to pay her her portion of the house - probably what she put into it but, she may demand more if the value has or will increase and if she does, all you can do is sue her. It will cost a LOT of money if you have to sue her to get it sold or to try and keep the house on your own and get her off the deed. If you were married, it could be decided in the divorce. You made a foolish decision. If you could afford to buy the house on your own, you should have. She should be paying you rent. You have a manipulative gold digger of a girlfriend. I feel sorry for you. You should have sought advice BEFORE you gave her 50 percent of the rights and equity in the house. In fact, she could stop paying entirely and there would be nothing you could do about it. She has as much right to live there as you do and you cannot evict her either. If things do not work out, you will have an expensive lawsuit to face.