If I was given an offer for a job and I didn't like the amount they offered to pay me can I counter offer with a different number?

I applied to be a bank teller. They really need me because they're short staffed. The HR department called me and offered me 10.00 dollars an hour. All they wanted was cash handling experience and customer service experience. Which I have 3 years experience in. They said they offer all bank tellers 10.00 starting off. I really thought with 3 years experience I would be offered at least 10.25 or 10.50 an hour.

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Yes, you can make a counter offer, which they may or may not agree.

You can counter. They can withdraw the original offer. Your call.

You can ask for a higher salary but it already appears that the bank will decline it and may pull your offer.
They have told you that the starting pay is $10 an hour for everyone.

Finding someone with 3 years cashier experience looking to become a bank teller is not hard to do. Don't think they "really" need you because they don't. They can easily find others with your experience.

Yes you can, but I think you are pitching too low. Ask for 15. They can only say no but you might get lucky.

Dont underestimate how expensive it is to recruit.