How to tell if your boss dislikes you?

He and I seem to get along really well actually. It's like we can recognize eachother a certain way, like we automatically understand eachother. But I feel like I might dislike me and it's just my 3rd work day. I'm hired for Seasonal Employment. It was just odd, I was cleaning and from 25 feet away he appears to be staring at me angrily. And I felt odd too, I took it serious but went about my business after but I took a 2nd glance and he still was. But then later he said to me, "it's good to see you" at first I didn't hear and said "what what?" And he repeated and I told him it was good to see him too and he said thank you to me. I was doing my best at work and when 2 friends showed to buy something he said "hey don't worry about it n.a.m.e it's on me" while I did a transaction for them. So 1. He was looking at shady customers from afar past me. 2. I did in fact say they can fire me if it's going to be like that, while I was under a complete misunderstanding. 3. He was glad to see me doing my work and wanted me to know that he is the boss.

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If your above statement is accurate and you are "doing your best work," perhaps your boss is contemplating moving you to another department. He s obviously, watching your work ethic to make sure you would be a good fit for the new department. Of course, there are many reasons why your boss is watching you. Too many to list here.

If you need to ask you're too obtuse to understand the answer.

He might have been thinking about something in his head that was upsetting him, but was completely unrelated to you. I think you are over thinking it and you should believe him when he acts friendly towards you.

Not enough information to work on, but from what you say it appears as though he might just be checking on how you're working - after all, it still is just your 3rd day working.