I have applied for a Supervisor promotion in my company I have passed the assessment stage but haven t had my interview yet?

All the other candidates had their interviews except me and it s come to my knowledge that 2 Supervisors have been selected from the other candidates but there were only 2 positions available , I dont think it is fair that they have filled the positions without my interview done, do you think I should raise it or shall I wait until my interview is done? But if I wait I will be wasting time as I already have inside information that they have selected the supervisors without having an interview with me!

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They chose not to interview you. They selected other candidates. For whatever reason, you were dropped from consideration early in the process. Not a matter of fairness. They decided you were not qualified, and had no need or requirement to interview you.

If you passed the assessment stage then maybe it's you next time. I wouldn't say anything if the positions have already been filled, just wait until there is a next time.

Since they are choosing from internal candidates, they already know everyone, so probably know who they feel is most qualified..