Would it be okay if I worked part time night shift stocking for Harris Teeter while I'm in college.?

I just got a job offer to work thurs-sat from 10pm-7am stocking over night at Harris teeter. I also am full time student in college and my schedule for next semester my earliest class is 2:00 on Mondays but Tues/Th I have a 9:30amclass. Would this be a bad idea or would it work fine?

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You would have to try it out and see how you can manage your time between school and work.
You do have some time between school and work to get things done or sleep a bit, you should be ok.
Try to get your breaks in when you can, bring healthy snacks and meals when you're working and for school.

A lot of college students are doing the same thing; so long as you manage the time between school and work.

We have no idea whether this would work for you or not. Only you know.

Maybe for you, but not for me..