Should wwe get rid of bayley ?

she is fun and all but she is completely out-of-place. she isnt in any fued or storyline, the feud with charlotte failed and now she is just 'there'. i dont think even smackdown would find something for her to do. i think she is a proof wwe is not a place for wrestlers without a certain attitude.

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Bayley is fun


Yes. I've been saying that since I first laid eyes on her. She is ugly and too '80's looking. She looks like she should be staring in an aerobics video. She does not belong in the wwe in 2016.

She gets a good reaction from the WWE Universe which I didn't expect. I guess more people have started watching NXT. I think she'll get a WrestleMania title shot. Maybe it will be a fatal four way between her, Charlottle, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks.

Bayley should have been there in NXT forever.

I don't get her at all either. Not every NXT gimmick translates up to the big shows. Most of the promotions in the last six months have gone nowhere. There are exceptions like Kevin Owens.

Nah they should keep her.WWE will give her something she can do.

Haven't seen that lil kid show in forever but I think they should bring kelly kelly back and I might start watching that little kids show again

If Raw actually knew how to use her properly, it wouldn't be a problem. They screw up just about everything they touch and turn it into crap.

WWE, or Vince or whoever, doesn't bring up NXT/Developmental wrestlers properly by giving them vignettes or anything. They just expect everyone to know them from NXT. Second, Raw's creative team, including Stephanie McMahon, are a bunch of idiots who can't write/book for sh*t.