Thoughts on the college football playoff release?

Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Washington are in the final four for the play offs. unless you're an Ohio St fan, everyone knows what they think about the Big Ten and who should be in it. But, other than that, do you agree with the teams and rankings? What should be changed if anything for the following years? Just conference championships winners are in, larger play off pool, tougher schedules, etc? even if we expand the play off, it still won't please everyone.

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They didn't get it 'right' necessarily, but that's the best they can come up with. Ohio State is a 1-loss team that barely lost to the eventual Big 10 champion, who in turn lost to a 4-loss team (I believe that was Pittsburgh, not certain there) and got destroyed by Michigan. So I've no beef giving the Buckeyes the nod. Washington was probably the 'shakiest' of the 4 because of the weak strength of schedule, but I'm pretty sure that by itself wasn't enough to tip the scales toward Penn State or Michigan (Wolverines regardless would have been out mainly because of the Iowa choke). And the Huskies were a 1-loss team, too; their loss came at USC's hands, and the Trojans are as hot as they come aside from the Nittany Lions. So...many precedents were at risk of, or have been, broken, but at the end of the day this probably was the likeliest scenario happening.

You never will please anyone, but if you look at all the other forms of postseason, just about everyone is pleased. The NCAA Men's BB Tournament includes 68 teams which is more than enough. The professional leagues have clear cut criteria that, although a few things could be altered, just about everyone is fine with it. If you're going to have a playoff that's only 4 teams, you need to have some kind of criteria for getting in. If it's just "We're going to select the 4 best teams" then it's really not much better than the BCS because it's the opinion of 12 people deciding it all. THAT'S why people aren't pleased with it, it's too small and too subjective. Is Ohio State one of the 4 best teams? Probably, but they still didn't win their conference and I think that has to count for something against them. Clearly, it doesn't. I think Penn State should be that 4th team in with Bama, Clemson, and Washington

I think they got it right

They should divide up the Big 12 and have the champions of the four remaining power conferences play off. Expand the other four to 16-20 teams. If you want to be in the national championship picture join one of the conferences.