Is winning the Orange Bowl better than getting slaughtered by Alabama in the playoff finals?

If so, then it is great to be a Michigan fan. Dominating yet another prestigious and historic bowl game that will echo throughout the age while Ohio State will be remembered as the losers who got slaughtered by Alabama. If they play like they have against us, then they are screwed without the help from refs. Oh well, can t wait to see my team win the historic and prestigious Orange Bowl, which is a very historic and prestigious championship onto its own.

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Quick, without looking it up, who won the prestigious Orange Bowl championship 2 years ago?

Quick, what is Alabama's record in CFP semi-finals?

The simple answer is that you can't win a national championship unless you are in the playoffs. Sure, the other big New Years bowls are great to play in and win, but in the current setup, they are a consolation prize at best.


Michigan State was totally embarrassed by Alabama last year when they made the final four. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I would've rather had them beat tOSU and make the playoffs.

No. It's better to be one of the top four and make it to the championship series.