Will Daniel Bryan cost The Miz the title at TLC?

I can see it happening. I can see The Miz reaching for the belt while he's on the ladder, and out of nowhere, Daniel Bryan pushes the ladder and makes Miz lose, creating more heat between the two. Sounds realistic and unrealistic at the same time. Who knows.

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The upcoming match at TLC should just be about The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. I feel The Miz must win this cleanly, but that is not at all possible as Maryse will certainly interfere.

As far as Daniel Bryan is concerned, he won't be involved by any means in this bout, I guarantee.

ya turn bryan and ziggler heel and miz face? miz was a really bad face and bryan would be a terrible heel. i could see miz try to cheat and bryan stop him but thats it.

I guess it could happen but it sounds more unrealistic to me.

The GM won't get involved -- the company is trying to portray front office suits as....well, front office suits that are found in the commissioner's suite of a pro sport. Think of a scripted Dana White -- though some MMA critics claim Dana is scripted.,