Why are car insurance companies allowed to discriminate against male drivers? Is there any way to avoid the bias?

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Insurance companies base their rates on actual risk, and have the facts to back it up. Statistically young male drivers are more likely to have accidents, so they can and do charge them more. Statistically fast sports cars get crashed more, so they can charge more for that.

Any way to avoid this? Other than a sex change, try not crashing and having to make a claim for a few years. Most companies offer a "no claims bonus" to encourage their good "low risk" customers to stay with them. By not crashing, you show them that you are actually better than the average driver in your group

It's not discrimination, they have the statistics to prove that male drivers cost them more in claims.

It's allowed (except in the EU) because male drivers crash more.

The way to avoid the bias is to move to the EU, where it's against the law, so insurance companies have to charge the same price for both genders.

Nope. No way. Automobile insurance is a perfect example of Socialism/Communism where everybody is just a number and treated the same regardless of their uniqueness, their abilities and talents.

Long live Capitalism

Insurance companies base their prices on claims received, It may be that women have accidents at slower speeds so less damage. If they are correct you cannot argue with facts

The laws allows it, you're not required to like it. Gender re-assignment is the escape.

Hey, that's two questions! You're supposed to ask only one question at a time, and you asked two. I'm telling your mom or something. But since you asked nicely (sort of), I'll still answer both of them. Then I'm telling your mom, just so you know.

The why is very easy to answer. It's because people drive with one of two things, and neither of those things are the brain. Girls drive using their emotions, which might possibly be very dangerous. Guys, however, don't drive with their emotions. We drive with our testicles, and testicles are always extremely dangerous. The proof is in the last 100 years of statistics.

And while liars do figure, figures don't lie. Year after year, decade after decade, the cold hard statistics say the same thing. Teenagers are ten times more likely to crash than people 25 and older, and teenagers with testicles are ten times more likely to crash than an average blind person. And since blind people are totally not allowed to drive at all, just guess who holds the title for most likely to crash.

No there is no way to avoid the bias, because it's not a bias. It's a cold hard fact. I'm a guy, been one all my life, and I had three accidents before I was 20 years old, and two of them were my fault. And I wasn't even screwing around or showing off, I was actually trying to drive responsibly. Just imagine what it was like for any teenage guy who was showing off to look cool, and you'll get the idea.

When you read a news headline about a car that was smashed because it was trying to race the train to a crossing, how old was the teenage driver and how many testicles did he have before the crash? When you hear of an illegal street race turned fatal accident, how many 30 year-old women were also involved and charged?

Statistics don't lie so it isn't discrimination. Make drivers cost insurance companies a lot more money, especially young guys that think they're great drivers.