Is $2000 every 6 months a normal car insurance rate for a 19 year old male?

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On what car.

That isn't unusual at all. 19 year old male drivers are a truly terrible risk for insurance companies.

Normal is about $75-$250 a month. It depends on your car, your driving record and how well you want to be covered

yes that is what i pay

It can be. A whole lot of factors go into auto insurance rating, and you only mentioned 19 and male. You kind of totally left out the other 99% of the details, so it's impossible to say.

I'll tell you what isn't normal, however. Not-normal is expecting a bunch of online strangers to be able to help you, instead of calling an insurance broker or six and asking them for a) an estimate and b) a working man's explanation of why they need all that seemingly useless information.

There is no such thing as "NORMAL" for insurance rates. It is a bit high but is more than likely in line with other company's rates. The only way to know is to get some other quotes.

That sounds a little expensive, but it depends upon the driving record, where the vehicle is garaged, the vehicle model and age, and a few other factors. Our insurance co even gives a good student so if you are dumber than a box of rocks, it costs more.

It is not unusual. If you live in a rural area it is a lot; if you live in Manhattan it is dirt cheap.