I Accidentally gave someone my expired Insurance information?

I went to walmart to buy a charger because my old one broke and my phone was dead. The parking lots are slanted. I checked my mirrors before I backed out, as I was backing out I saw a car directly behind me backing out at the same time, so I stopped and was about to put my car into drive to move up to let her out first. I didn't have enough time to change my gear when the car backed out into me. We came outside and she said to me, "You didn't see me backing out?!" and I said, "we were backing out at the same time" (I am 18 years old and this was my first time in an accident like this, and I know nothing about how insurance works or all that stuff) She asked me all about insurance and I didn't know the answer, so I asked her if I could use her phone to call my dad and ask, since my phone was dead. She looked like she was in a hurry so she said, "You know what, just give me your insurance, name and number and I will call you." So I went to get my insurance card from my car and handed it to her and she took a picture of it. I then gave her my name and number and after that we both left. I wasn't thinking in that moment, I was all new to this so I didn't know what I was suppose to do. I did NOT get her name, number or insurance information! My phone was dead so I couldn't take any pictures! When I got home, I realized that I had given her an expired insurance information, it was expired over a YEAR ago. I have my current one in my wallet that I just discovered. What happens now?

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What happens now? You inform your insurer about the accident and wait for the other party to contact you. The other motorist has the info they need to file a claim, and I am sure they will. The fact your card you showed her means nothing if your vehicle's policy was active at the time of the accident. It only would have been an issue for you if a law enforcement officer would have been involved. Simply let your insurance rep know what happened, they will take care of any and all details from there.

Ok, good questions and good you asked. But you asked so let me be direct. This should have been something you went through in drivers ed. and if not, then something you needed to sit down and understand before you got into this situation. Not being negative, and there is not any big deal here since was a minor parking lot incident.
But get prepared NOW and stay prepared.
When you drive any car, that is not yours, immediately check these things, all lights are working, sticker on plate is not expired, find in the glove box the insurance card and registration. Are both of those up to date?
Is your parents policy current in place an simply card is expired? If they have valid insurance then you wait for the other person to call, or for their insurance company to call, or their insurance company may file a claim with your insurance company, and your insurance company will call you.
If you don't have insurance in place then if the person calls you will need to deal with this yourself.
You might need to hire an attorney. From the facts you stated, she was moving and you were stationary, meaning this is her fault. I am 100% sure she will blame you meaning she started backing out and then you started backing out. But her opinion does not determine fault.
And as a side note, this is why I like to park at the end of the row of cars, less door dings and chance of being backed into.
In an accident there is often a lot of emotion. Try to stay calm and level headed.
1. Keep in mind that accidents happen and that is why the insurance company gets paid every month, so they can assist you and pay for any claims in the event of an accident or car damage.
Call for medical help if needed.
2. Do not admit guilt or fault. Avoid any statements regarding the accident to the person or any bystanders. Know when it is required to call the police, rules can vary by state/city.
Do not argue with the other driver, but do not let them walk over you either. They may know the process and are trying to get you to admit fault and they may be recording the interaction or have passenger in the car they can use as a witness to say you admitted fault.
If they say they want to call the police, you say "sure that is OK with me and i will wait for them in my car."
In some places the police will not come to a small fender bender, especially if it is on private property and there are no injuries.
Exchange info, insurance company, policy number, Name on DL and DL number and address. Contact info like phone numbers.
If person is uninsured and there is material damage, exchange info. I am not sure what else you can do.
Sometimes an uninsured person will not want the police called as they will get a ticket for that, or they have a suspended license. They may offer cash for to pay for minor damage. This is case by case basis, maybe ask insurance company how to handle this. Note you should get an estimate first there may be more damage than appears. You can always file a claim with your insurance company later.
3. Keep a small notebook in car with key phone numbers in it, insurance, relatives, and at least 3 local towing companies that operate 24/7. Write down the address of local body shop, so if car needs towed you can have it towed there. If you have an accident use to to write down the car make, model, color, and plate number, drivers name and number, insurance info, if different the car owner's name and number.
After all info exchanged, police leave, etc, then write down your version of events with details. Often times a written record at the time of the incident is considered very good evidence, as the other party will most likely be going from memory or changing their story to make it look like they were not at fault. And this would come out during the insurance company review process.
4. Be prepared if cell phone not working. It seems your were tripped up by a cell phone not working. In many accidents the cell phone is broken, or slides around in the car and can not be found. Years ago I used to carry a disposable camera in the car to take pictures if needed. It still is an option.
5. In most accidents the insurance companies discuss and agree on the settlement terms. Sometimes it is clear who is at fault and sometimes the at fault person does the right thing and admits it.
In parking lot incidents most often each side just pays for their own policy holder's damage.
So you would get any repairs paid for minus deductible.
Do you have comp and collision on the policy?
Towing service? Rental car coverage?
It should work out OK, keep in mind if contacted directly you can call your insurance company and open a claim and let them deal with the other party.

Wait for her to phone you. You can then give her the correct information.

You notify your insurance in case she calls. If she does tell her to call your insurance. You looked, you were stopped, she continued and hit you. She is at fault. If you have any damage she will pay for it.

It could be her fault. Talk to your insurance company and don't be surprised if nothing happens. Were the cars damaged?

First of all, SHE was in the wrong, not you. You were not moving when she struck you, so she was at fault. Know that. Now just call your insurance company, talk to a claims agent, and tell them what happened. Make SURE you tell them that you were stationary when she hit you. If it's the same insurance company that you had a year ago, the expired card won't make a difference.