How do I get a body shop to look at a car in a tow yard to determine if it is considered totaled ? No insurance involved ?

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If an collision appraiser has to go elsewhere to assess damage, that person is taking time out from the shop to go to a remote location. Unless you know someone at the body shop, I very much doubt they would do this for you.

Body shops don't determine if a vehicle is totaled or not. Insurance appraisers make that determination. If you want an estimate pay the towing and storage bill and arrange to have the vehicle towed to a body shop if it won't drive, and they will give you an estimate of costs of repair.

Auto body shops do not generally perform house calls. You will be hard pressed to find an auto body center rep to go to any tow yard to make an appraisal for you.

Call around until you find one that will.

Totaled is the insurance company deciding that the cost to fix the damage, is more then the value of the car. A body shop/mechanic in the situation you are talking about, could give you a price and then you make that determination, along with the state. The state, and it is different depending on the state, also have certain criteria when one wishes to resurrect a car.