Can I go to the dmv without my parents there to get a driving permit?

I'm going to go take my written test on the 19th and to get and ID card from the dmv if I fail this time and I have an ID card when I would go next to re apply when they ask for proff of residency can I use my ID card as that or how would I get around taking my permit test without my parent there? I would be taking uber of course

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since you don't tell us where you are at, the best thing for you to do is look at the website of the dmv for your State for info

Maybe. Do the laws in your mystery location require a parent / guardian to be there with you? You kind of totally forgot to mention that.

If you take the test where I live, you don't need to bring anyone with you at all. But if you don't live where I live, that's not going to help you.

We simply can't answer your question because you haven't told us where you live. Not all countries, states, provinces have the same exact rules.

If you are considered a legal adult in your nystery location, you don't need your parents there.

Not unless you happen to live in a state where your parents can fill out and sign an information sheet and don't need to be there. In most that I'm aware of they will need to be there to sign some forms. If of course they have already signed and you failed the test they will probably have the information on file in the computer.