State Farm accident settlement time?

I was in an accident with a State Farm driver in September. It was her fault and state farm contacted me within a week to talk about the process. They mailed me the paperwork which I returned about a month later. So far, I have not heard anything from them and it's been about two months since I returned the paperwork. I have received additional doctor expenses since that time. How much longer should I wait to hear back from them?

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So far YOU have drug it out. Why would wait a month to return paperwork? ...........State Farm has an 800 number call them and askwhy the hold up and they can answer questions about you claim.

There's no such thing as a standard settlement time, not in any state or province and not with any insurance company. It's all done on a strictly case-by-case basis, and you didn't mention any details about your case.

If you're claiming compensation for bodily injury losses of any kind, what you need is a lawyer. Yes I know, lawyers are the absolute bottom of civilized society, they're not to be trusted, they're greedy and manipulative, they're expensive and would turn against their own children if there was a profit in it, but they're also a very necessary evil. You don't have to like lawyers to hire one.

What lawyers are good for, and it's only one thing, is knowing the law (including all the little technical details) and how to use it to their advantage. Insurance claims are 100% technical legal proceedings, and that's why you want an expert on legal proceedings working for you. State Farm doesn't like lawyers any more than you or I do, but they know how the law works. That's why they have a whole team of the best (meaning the smartest, meanest, most ruthless and sleaziest) lawyers that money can buy. And they really do have a whole team of them, so you need to hire at least one.

No longer. Contact them and if they stall you, call a personal injury lawyer to help you.