I have a 07 monte carlo. Good battery, parts store checked starter ,it s good. When I turn the key it clicks one time and nothing. What s up?

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Ignition coil or starter motor, If you have a level space and a stick gear box leave ignition off, Put into 2nd gear and rock forwards and back a couple times, If that sorts it suspect sticky Bendix Gear. Try and get it jump started. If that works it is Battery or charging system, If not I would suspect the ignition coil, That is supposed to boost the 12 Volts up to 24 Volts when you are in the Start position on the key

Is the motor seized up?

Wiggle them side terminals for looseness. Retighten if loose. It is hard to tighten them little 9/16 bolt heads. They sell a tool for that. Very useful. Be careful not to touch the frame when doing the positive terminal.

Why doesn't anyone answer?