Neutral drop on acident?

I just recently bought a nissan maxima and was at a red light and had to get something out of the glovebox, so i put the car in park and the light turned green so i quickly shifted to drive but it was actually neutral and rev the engine to only around 2000 rpm then slotted into drive the car jerk forward a bit but nothing crazy. Is my transmission going to be okay in the long run? I know neutral drops are bad. But this was a complete acident. The car has less than 300 miles on it. Any help is appreciated.

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It will be OK

Hi so why the panic this car will get a lot more abuse than just missing a gear in it's we come to the more serious issue of being distracted whilst driving. like trying to access the glove box whilst in traffic and in motion. this if it caused at accident is herm as not driving with due care and attention. so that is an offence. if you must get something from the glove box pull over and park then try to access the glove box.

Not a problem, in short. Don t make a habit of it, though.

Obviously you causes excess wear on the transmission, but probably not enough that you will ever notice.