Cold air intake and mass air flow sensor?

Will the ATP's Special Wideband O2 Sensor For Bosch LSU part number ATP-ACS-025 mass air flow sensor work with the K&N® 57i Series Performance Intake Kit part number 57-0091-1 cold air intake. The stock mass air flow sensor on my car is broken.

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Hi so if you think putting a cold air intake on your car is going to improve it think again as it will not that myth died about 40 years ago. what you do need to do is replace the is replace the mass air flow sensor with the correct spare part.

No idea, but if it's what is listed for your car it should. It was probably the oil from the filter that caused the sensor to fail.

Obviously the cold air intake will only give your vehicle a sucking sound (and who needs a vehicle that sucks more?) but NO improvement in performance. I would just replace the MAS and be happy (and not sucky).

The car has a stock intake that takes care of all of the inputs. quit effing with it.