My car gets stuck in low gear?

So when you start it up and drive, it is perfectly fine. But after a few minutes it shifts down on its own into low gear and stays there and won't shift anymore! Then once I shut it off for a few minutes it's fine again. I don't think it could be the transmission itself because the car drives too good when it's not doing that. I think I just need to change the transmission screen/filter. But I'd like more opinions on what could be wrong. Thanks.

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Key info - you need to list the make, model, year and miles.
It could low fluid, old fluid, a clogged filter as you say, a transmission control module is bad.
Or the transmission is failing.
Does your car have LIMP mode? If so then it may be going into LIMP mode due to low oil, overheating, oil is too hot, or because of failed module, etc.
You need to have a professional look at the car.

Hi transmission is in a bad state fact of life with worn engines.
so as age and use and abuse has taken it;s toll on this old car time to think about either a lot of spare parts or a newer car.

year,make, and model. its probably the transmission. might be a shift solenoid problem. what happens is when you shut the car off you reset the computer then when the computer senses a problem it puts the car in fail safe which is second gear. fluid and filter won't repair the problem its a maintenance procedure . it doesn't correct problems. find local shop at ATRA.COM for diagnosis

Get it scanned, there will be a code stored and then report back.